Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Video Walkthrough Tours

When you are looking for a home to purchase usually people begin looking online. They look through pictures of houses and usually narrow it down to just a few houses based on pictures. This makes pictures incredibly important in order for your house to sell. I've seen people not want to look at a house just because there is only one picture of the outside and they don't want to waste their time looking through it because we all figure if they don't have pictures of the inside then it must be bad.

Not only do I insist on my listings to have professional photographs of the inside but I also insist on having Home Video Walkthrough Tours to give possible buyers a greater understanding of the layout of their home.

These Home Video Walkthrough tours show prospective buyers everything in the home and sellers can avoid a lot of people walking through their home. This helps the buyers also. Can you imagine if every home had a home video walkthrough tour? Buyers could sit at home and walk through ten houses, get a feel for the layout and then decide if there was a house that they really wanted to walk through personally. This saves buyers agents time and money and more importantly the buyers save time and money.

I understand that professional video home walkthrough tours can be expensive but I believe in the long run the agents save money and it is a great value for clients who want to sell their home fast and have more ready, willing and able buyers walk through their homes.

Below is an example Video Home Walkthrough Tourthat I offer all my listings.

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