Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Open Home Pro iPad app

Open Home Pro is an iPad app for REALTORS to use when conducting an Open House. This app is incredibly beautiful, sleek and professional.

When a REALTOR hosts an open house they ask visitors to write down their information on a sign-in sheet. With Open Home Pro this app not only gets the visitors information but you can ask them other questions as well such as "Are you working with an agent?", "How long have you been looking for a home?" and "Do you have a home to sell?". These answers are then stored in the app and on the OpenHomePro.com website in your account.

I've looked into other Open House apps and they don't even come close to this app. There are many other features to this app that you can read on their website. http://www.openhomepro.com/

I highly recommend this app to any agent that does open houses even just once in their whole life because it makes you look professional and keeps track of your leads better than any sign-in sheet ever could.

Below are some screen shots of the app and as always let me know what you think...

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