Saturday, February 23, 2013

La Crosse Loan Pro Scott White

A few months ago I got involved with a Business Referral Group here in La Crosse, WI. As a REALTOR my business is almost 90% referral based so I need to find creative ways to get referrals. I met Scott White at one of these business referral groups. Scott and I have hit it off and since I have given him a referral that he has worked wonders with and is in the process of getting my clients a loan who got turned away by a bank.

I came across his website this morning and noticed that he had made some cool changes. Check it out at

I can't recommend Scott more. He really cares about people and he proves it by coming to where you are to get your loan done for you. He helps you build your credit so that you can acquire a loan, he helps you through the process to make it happen and get er' done! His easy-going personality makes you comfortable and puts your mind at ease.

If you have been turned down by a bank for a mortgage loan and don't know what to do next then I recommend you check out Scott's website and give him a call. Once you are approved for a loan or beginning the loan process I can help you find that perfect home for you! I can't wait to work with you!

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  1. Thanks, your endorsement means so much to me. I hope we can do business together for a very long time!